Serving Boards

Constructed mostly of face grain where the natural beauty of the hardwood really shows through. They enhance any kitchen and are gorgeous when entertaining to use as cheese boards, pizza boards or showing off that perfect dish. My serving boards are sanded, sharp edges rounded over, and are treated with 2 coats of 100% food safe mineral oil and beeswax finish. Built to last a lifetime, order yours today!

Cutting Boards

Whether choosing the more economical but durable "edge grain" construction or the premium butcher block style "end grain" where your knives will stay sharp much longer - your cutting boards will last you many years and add a beauty to your kitchen decor that cannot be found at any hardware stores. All the cutting boards are sanded, edges rounded over, finger holds incorporated, and are treated with 2 coats of 100% food safe mineral oil and beeswax finish. Choose from exotic woods like walnut, maple, cherry, and mahogany. Built to last a lifetime, order yours today!


Want to make a statement in your kitchen? Choose a beautiful solid hardwood countertop that will add beauty and warmth to a kitchen island that no stone can match! Constructed of either face grain or edge grain, my countertops will be built to last a lifetime with a durable finish. You can custom yours to any thickness you like and choose profiles options such as round-over, roman ogee, chamfer, or a more modern look with straight edges. All my countertops are finished with 5 coats of tough durable General Finishes water based finish where you won't have to worry about water damage!

3 Styles of Cutting/Serving Boards and Countertops

Face Grain is what you would normally see of the "outside" of the board. It's where you see most of the grain and beauty of a piece of wood. Woodworkers typically use the the face grain to make table tops or panels that you might see on cabinet doors.

Edge Grain is the "side" of the board. It's usually the side that woodworkers measure the "thickness" of a board. Finally, End Grain is the end of the board.  

Which is better?

Face Grain - best for serving boards where the beauty of the grain really shows through. Best suited for countertops, tabletops, serving boards

Edge Grain - Provides more durability than face grain. Grain is straighter and less figured than face grain. Suitable for countertops and cutting boards.

End Grain - True butcher block style and provides the most durability for cutting. The knives actually stlip through the fivers fo the end grain and keep your good kitchen knives sharper much longer and the end grain is self-healing. Best suiting for cutting boards.